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Grand Prairie Citizens Honored for Helping Officers Capture Burglary Suspect


Grand Prairie, Texas. May 20, 2017

The Grand Prairie Police Department recognized Eustorgio and Ruben Salas at Tuesday’s City Council meeting for their bravery assisting officers in the capture of a burglary suspect.

"This is an example of the trust the police department has with our community and how we work together to help each other," Police Chief Steve Dye said.

When Grand Prairie Police attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle that fit the description of a vehicle used in a burglary the previous night, the occupants exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

Officers caught up to the driver of the vehicle in a back yard where two brothers, Eustorgio and Ruben, were physically subduing the suspect.

Not only was their evidence in the vehicle of the burglary but also evidence of a handgun that had been used to fire upon officers in the incident the previous night.

"These gentlemen did an outstanding job in helping protect their community – not looking the other way… assisting us to get a career criminal off the street," said Chief Ronnie Morris.

The Salas brothers each received a Citizen Award of Merit for their act of bravery and service to the Grand Prairie community.

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